❀ Eyman Rafeeq ❀

     he is tall, precisely. he is a very good looking guy, indeed. his skin is not that fair, just average. he looks fine, perfectly fine. his face decipher everything inside him. his face looks very calm, hiding lots of secret & pain. he is not that talkative - well not on social networks, yet he is a very friendly person. he is very manja, i convince you. he has no siblings, he is the only child. he has a very caring & protective mum, with a cool dad. as years passed, he is now 18.

     days went by as a secondary school student. he woke up in the morning, made himself ready & rarely sit on the dining table for breakfast. no, he dislikes eating early in the morning. he would probably just have a drink & off to school. his mum drives him there, as she is a housewife. a journey which approximately took 15 minutes brought him to the school - but i prefer mini hell. thank god, it was his last year. yes, he was 17 at that time. he wasnt that type of guy who sit at one spot together, cracking jokes & laughs loudly. he prefers to sit alone. he is so damn quiet at school. dont ask me why, idk too.

     as i told you before, he is a very good looking guy. ahh, no wonder girls can be easily attracted to him. on march 2012, im not sure what was his status haha. he probably had a girlfriend, & i dont think i have to mention her name here. out of nowhere, a girl came into his life, unexpectedly. she said hello through this social network, planning to break the ice. he called her Syera. she was 15, not even close to pretty hahaha. Syera calls him w a different name - Rafeeq. as he is friendly, they became friends. day by day, they became closer & they started to share things in their life together. as a girl, of course she loves having him around. it feels good to have someone who cares abt you so much, especially guys. they talked on twitter almost everyday, & started to get to know each other deeper.

     there was one night, when he asked for her phone number. as what he told me, he actually has started to feel something towards her. they exchanged phone numbers & started talking on the phone late at nights. they laughed, they cried; together. they slowly knew each other. she fell for him, even she found it was impossible for him to feel the same. one fine night, with all the guts she had, she finally confessed to him. she told him how she felt towards him. somehow, he was actually feeling the same! but both of them thought it was still too early to make the next move so they decided to stay as friends first. he asked her to wait for him, wait for the right time to come. they treated each other good, very good. yet in that phase, shit happened. shit that could break them apart, shit that caused heartbreaks & pain for them, shit that made them cry. shit that showed how they rly love each other....

     true, what had happened separates them apart for awhile. she was stuck in the middle, she didnt want to let him go, even he wasnt hers. despite the aches, they pushed each other away. no more calls, texts, nothing. not even a simple hi. but he couldnt stand it. he cut down his ego, he told her that one fine day she will be his. & because of that, she gave him another chance. a chance to let him shows how she rly loves her. a chance to have her back in his life. a chance that finally brought happiness into both of their lives. after what happened & when the storm was gone, things got back to normal again. true, april has been a tough month for them. she waited for him patiently, while he tried to figure things carefully. to make the best decision, combined w his love towards her. he finally made up his mind.

     its already may. things got better & their love grew stronger. on 5th may 2012, as he turned 17, he declared his love to her. he proposed her, romantically. she cried, touched & happy. she was happy as heck & over the moon. finally, the time has come. he was worth the wait. without any doubt, she accepted him. he was finally her boyfriend. words couldnt be enough to express her feelings. both of them were so happy even they fought a lot, but of course every single fight was worth it. they were so strong, they became each other's strength. both of them were so close. they talked on the phone most of time, yea thanks to digi easy for the free calls haha. truth to be told, both of them were lack of time to comprehend each other. despite the short term, without getting to know each other genuinely, they seriously fought a lot. nonetheless, in the end they would always found a way back to each other. but it has been written that their relationship has to come to an end when he no longer could endure the pain. they literally broke up!

     shocking, huh? they were extremely in an excruciating pain! all the promises, waits, trusts, memories, & most prominently - their love; gone. just like that, in a blink of an eye. she once had everything she has been looking for, less than in a second all her sandcastles fall - like the ashes of cigarettes. a relationship that they built together w love, efforts, patience, trust & harmony collapsed & there she was, fighting for him w her all. yeah, he asked for the break up. she was so lost while he couldnt find any solid reason to tell her. maybe he was lost too. his decision was permanent. she failed to make him stay, she failed to save the relationship. win or lose, she had to accept the fate that she lost him. thats it, 29 days of their happiness ended.

     she slipped from his grip. he wasnt hers again. frankly, he did has his own reason why he left her. but let it stays between me & him hehe. so life goes on! there he was, continuing his life without her. i can tell that he seemed lonely. she left. everything was gone again. he lost her for the second time. would there any hope for them? he cried, he rly did. heartbreaks - again. but still, life goes on so they continued their life normally. one thing for sure, both of them loved each other still.

     it was the 13th days after their separation. Syera posted an entry on her blog when he finally opened his eyes. i wasnt rly sure what triggered him to burst into tears & decided to have her back. he read the entry again & again until he memorized it. that night, 13 june 2012, he gave her a call, saying he missed her. of course she missed him too! he used to be her everything! there was a misunderstanding between them. he thought she didnt love her anymore, he wasnt that important to her anymore tho all of them were utter lies. he left her hanging & hung up the call. she was so confused & unsure, what she rly had to do. she did fight for him, tried to fix things up but then he disappeared. she was so tired so she already hit the sack when he called again...

     he was crying, real hard. there he was, begging her on the line. he wanted her back in his life, as his girl. she was sleeping so things were a bit blurry, yet she was over the moon again as she finally had him back. they chose to start it all over again. have you ever heard a saying; the more you love someone, the more the obstacle will be? yes, they even got into deeper shits as they started to love each other deeper. yet, they managed them well. no matter how bad the argument was, they would always find their way back to each other. that was how it works. if one side was the fire, one side would be the water. tolerate, bro!

     time flew, it was ramadan, the first time she celebrated ramadan w her boyfriend. they woke each other up for sahur. yeah, he worked during ramadan so there was literally a gap between them. yet they made it together. Syera was sitting for her pmr trial & there he was, he lent his hand for her. they revised together, man isnt he is a sweetheart? even he was tired as heck, he was still there, made time for her. they did text & talk on the phone but not that frequent. he got mad easily as he was exhausted. by the time he got his salary, he lost his wallet. could it be worse -.- haih.

     aidilfitri came, gosh of course both of them were so excited! he wore blue while she wore maroon. he was too tired as he woke up late on the first day of raya haha. late at night, they had a very very deep conversation, which made they love level rose.they have let everything out.

     months passed, their relationship was getting better. as days went by, spm was approaching very near. there he was, cant deny that he was very depressed & sicken to the core. while syera, idk what was wrong w her. maybe she craved for his attention, & her actions have led them to another break up. yeah, they separated again. loads shit attacked them, & im very sure i dont have to mention abt it too.

     actually he wanted me to make a short story abt him ayoyo i need to get back on the track. as what ive experienced w him, no doubts bro he is very very loving & caring. i can rly feel his love. he constantly shows his love, no matter how. thru actions, words, appreciations, you name it. when i fell sick, he will always be there to give me supports, morally & mentally. when i was at my lowest point, he picks me up, giving me strength & does everything he could do to make me feel okay again. whenever we r having arguments, he will cut down his ego just to make things right again.

     yes, having him as mine has gave me a lot of advantages. he's not only my lover, yet he is my bestfriend, my brother & my worst enemy. haha. when i was scared for a certain reason, he will comfort me as much as he could & to make me feel safe. as i am clingy, thank god he is too hahaha. sama sama clingy. so he will make sure he knows where i am if i was out w my family/ friends. cant deny that he is a mind reader! he knows me so damn well. he knows when im mad, sad, down etc. well, great minds think alike, gittew. aha.

     as a boyfriend, i can see that he is proud of having me as his. he always shows appreciations to me. he notices the littlest things i did for him. he wouldnt mind waking up in the morning, having video calls & still calls me beautiful when i look like shit all the time haha. he sees things abt me that others didnt. he loves me, inward & outward. he even saw me at my worst part, yet he loves me the same. the way we argue abt who loves the most, he will end up sulking cs i always win ahahah. he actually wants me to know that he rly loves me ((katanya)) aha.

     so err i dont wanna tell yguys more abt him haha. yknow im afraid youll fall in love w him haha. so today... its our 15th monthsary, 5th august 2013. happy 15th monthsary my sweetheart, wow we actually spent 457 days together. as i know im not an easy bitch to handle, thank you for yr concern, thank you for yr patient which is so damn precious ((sobs)) & thank you very much for r time. i hope this 1 year & 3 months r not a waste for you. things get rough lately, yet youre still here. thank you so much for staying sayang. we will make this worth it. nonetheless, no matter how bad the day is, we r still going to find our way back to each other. i rly love you, remember? hehe x) more months & years r waiting for us. yay lets do this!!!!

     so yea. thats all guys. the guy that ive been talking abt the whole post, is the guy that i love so much. the guy that i know i could only find one in 7 billions. the guy that changed my life, completely. the guy that made me fall in love unconditionally w him. the guy that brought back my happiness, the guy that have went thru storms & waves w me, yet he still choose to stay. that guy is Eyman Rafeeq B Ahmad Raziff. x

he he he paris, baby. paris

sayang youre my jack dawson 

❀ i love you more and more each day, sweetheart ❀