Hi hello ssup guys muehehe what are you up to? Before I start my ball rolling, ((no im not going to play bowling)) this isn’t Eyman Rafeeq yang jet jet cute tu kayz. Muehehe its me, Syera the cutest \o/ Hahaha ops terperasan kejap kan. Ok im updating his blog cs I can plus he’s too lazy to update it ish ish ish *facepalm* haha sooo im going to talk abt him. Yea.. things that I know abt him but if you don’t wanna read it its okay la hehe

Okay here are some of his basic details that I know hehe. Eyman Rafeeq Bin Ahmad Raziff, a boy who was born on 5th May 1995 ((he’s old kan)) at Hospital Tawakal & that day was Friday. He’s the only child in his family. He studied at SMK Cochrane and now hidup membujang hahahaha nehh kidding, he’s waiting for his SPM result. Wuu 9A punyalah ;D Hehe eh korang pray for him la okay? He’s staying at Alam Damai, Cheras tapi lokasi terkininya tak dapat dikenal pasti whether he’s now at KL or Pahang. Muehehe ok ok sudah cukup itu saja info yang diperlukan.

Okay as you guys know I call him Rafeeq. Why? Eh suka hati gua ah hehehe kidding. I call him Rafeeq cs Eyman is too mainstream he he he. We started to know each other on 23rd March wuyooo dah nak 9 months bak hang hahaha. He was such a good friend, indeed. He made me smile & laugh. Haha he was a caring friend tho. Memula kitorang kawan ah en en hehe pastu lelama tu upgrade ah, he became my crush he he he. As a crush? He is very SELOW-POKE hahahahahaha duh thank god la kan he knew that I have a crush on him. Then um I was very lucky ah cintaku dibalas ~ Hahaha wtf mayn.

As a boyfriend? Wahh no words to describe ah. He is beyond amazing ;) Hehehe no jokes mayn. He is very sweet, romantic, protective, caring, kind, omg idk what else ah yet he’s………………different. Maybe he’ll yell at you, mad or even upset but if you get to know him thru his deepest heart, you’ll know that he didn’t mean every single word of it; he never wanna do that; he just cant control his emotions at the moment; but most importantly he do loves you. Even if he asks you to leave him or ask for a break up, he actually wants you to fight for him. Yeap. He’s the type of guy who loves hard. Oh tak dilupakan he’s very manja one ah hahaha no I mean, very very manja haha but that’s what he does best & that manja ah yang buat dia cute omg brb im fangirling hahahaha can I just jump off the cliff cs he’s too cute asjdhjasdjsjaskdfhaqdoqkdkj cREYSSSSSS

Ok maaf maaf terlebih emosi pula haha so um apa lagi eh.. oh he can be very garang ah if he really pissed off. Wooooooo hOLD THE FUCK UP don’t mess with him la when he’s not in the right mood. Haha apparently all of us will explode if we’re having this kind of unstable emotions kan. Then… Rafeeq memang tak suka being accuse for something yang dia tak buat. But he’s friendly tho! Haha yet a very stubborn boy >:( Suka betul skip his meals -.-

Omg omg boleh pulak I forgot bout his obsession towards Miley Cyrus!!!!! Dang, hahaha. Yeap, he reaaaaaally loves Miley but trust me, I love him more than he loves Miley :3 he he he yknow what he even watched aaaaaall her videos on YouTube oh he even memorize aaaaaall her song la hahaha so cute mayn, fanboying. Hahaha dey fanboying ok, not FANBOILING hahahaha hang nak boil apa hahaha :p apa pun tak jadi ((his slang)) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHA I SWEAR IT’S FUNNY AS HELL HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Not forgotten, he’s a very sensitive guy. As usual, always watch yr words & if he misjudged yr words, explain to him in a nice way. Pls don’t hurt his feelings :( He’s fragile ok yeap as fragile as cinderella’s glass heels he he he melawak jewp gelak ah d0 zzz then he really loves to sing hahaha comel gila en masa dia nyanyi x’D Hehe plus kalau dia main guitar at the same time jaskdhasildjasnbajds RIP ovaries :-) :-) :-) 

Omg I think I typed too much hahaha kesah hape haku l0l hahaha ok lah ok lah last but not least I do love him so much wey no jokes Im serious dont you see mah serious face B| Hahaha alhamdulillah, he's mine again & yay im not dreaming hahaha whoever reading this, i beg yr kindness to pray for us LOL hahahaha amiiiin, may this time it will everlasts until the very end cs i know we'll make it through together, sayang :') Hehe bear this in yr mind that I'm all yours & I do love you to the bits okay? *hugs* *kisses* God bless! See ya x

Hold my hand baby, we'll make it together I swear.
Yes this ;) Hehe

Dang, Im really afraid of losing you baby :')

"Let the sun sets. Let the day ends. Let the night starts a new chapter. Still, my love for you have never change. " - Sincerely, Nur Syahirah Bt Sulaiman. x