The reason is ♥

Why i need you ? It's because you're such as someone special for me . Why i love you ? It's because you're someone like perfect girl . Why why and why i think no need to ask and no need to answer it anymore ,because the reason is iloveyou ineedyou more than words . Girl ,sometimes we need to talk about our feeling . Because it's so hurt if you're lying with your feeling . Whatever it's your heart will never lying you about your feeling . Hihi <3 Please do appreciate your lover forever because your lover really love you guys .

Elyepaa Locca ,realizelahh sayang . I really-2 love you . Be my lover till the end of this world :') I really need you every minutes every seconds . Hope you will pay attention with my love that i gave you everydayy . Last speech ,Iloveyousofuckingdamnmuchh .