I'm Sorry

Friday 3.10 PM ,seem like you didn't care about me anymore :] You didn't call me or text me ,woaa you've changed much . I knew ,i've hurt you much in way i didn't realize it . I'm so sorry Asha ,i'll try my best to you And i very sorry if i'm hurting you . I didn't mean it . I hope you'll be you back ,and i won't 'pijak kepala' you anymore . Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry ,even i knew you okay without me . I'm not okay without you ,bodoh ! You always 24 hours with me ,but now ? Camshit ! Please come back to me ,you're important to me . Forgive me ,i knew i knew i knew you've forgive me so much but ,hmm :'( I wished you're here for me forever :'] Iloveyou Aida Syahirah Binti Nurulabidin .