Nur Syahirah Bt Sulaiman. Happy 5th Monthsary sayang! I love you ,I loved you and I will always love you. Uhm hello sayang ,how I wish you were here or I were there or we were together anywhere... If only I could hug you right now :( Argh missing you like hell baby. I wanted you to know that I am so thankful for all that you are! You are caring ,loving ,smart ,thoughtful ,sweet ,amazing ,beautiful and so on. You're my everything baby. You're the best I've ever had. I don't want to lose you. I know that being with me isn’t easy ,but I am glad that you do it anyway. I love having a day where I can celebrate the fact that it is so awesome to have you as my girlfriend. I know that we are meant for each other. After all this time it is still fun to be around you. Again... You're my everything and I don’t know what I would do without you. Hm ,you know right that you're very very very very very special for me. I want you to be mine forever. I want you in my life. I will not love you for the rest of your life ,but for the rest of my life. We have so many discrepancies ,so many hesitations ,questions and doubt not only for our relationship ,but as well as within our self. But no matter what it takes ,for this short period of time ,I learned to love you so deep. I learned to forgive you when you crashed my heart. I learned to accept what you’d done. I learned to dream about future with you. I learned to sacrifice my pride. I learned to smile when I’m sad. I learned to sleep with sadness in my heart and hope that tomorrow everything’s will be alright. I learned to pray that you’ll not gonna say goodbye to me. I learned to hope that whatever argument were having ,you’re still there ,holding on. I learned to wish the impossible thing in life. I learned to feel the true love. But all of those ,I never learned how to love you less in every waking day of my life. Thank you so much sayang for letting me feel those kinds. I do appreciate what you've done for me. Happy 5th Monthsary Syera and wish us both a happy life and strong relationship together. And more months and years to come with fulfillment and harmony together. I love you so much baby. I'm so sorry for all those aches and disappointments I’d done. Thank you so much for everything my beloved. I hope you will never change. Honestly ,I appreciate all what you have shown to me every seconds ,minutes and hours. Sayang ,don't give up on us ok? Distance may separate us but my love for you will stay ,forever. You’ll be in my heart forever. God knows how much I truly love you. So ,lets be strong and contented so we can defeat all the temptations (bitches) around us. Ha ha ha.Brr I hope will remained faithful and honest to each other. Happy 5th Monthsary Nur Syahirah Bt Sulaiman aka Syera Guy Guy aka Peri Da Pelatipus aka My Sayang. He he he I love you so fucking damn much! Aha.. Maaf kalau ada grammar mistake :P Ok? Beremoih.

 Nur Syahirah Bt Sulaiman you're my one & only. You're my everything. I love you ☺ ♥